His Beauty ﷺ Has Made Me a Poet

They ask me, “Tell me about your beloved?”
What can I say to you; his beautyﷺ has made me a poet
For by Allah, even describing himﷺ neutrally is itself a poem
His descriptionﷺ is akin to a garden of superlatives
And his attributesﷺ are the most beautiful of flowers
The hearts of his loversﷺ are nurtured by them like bees
And the honey they produce therefrom is a cure
What can I say to you; his beautyﷺ has made me a poet
Breathing in his lightﷺ, the hearts blossom in the garden of praise
Drinking this blessed waterﷺ, they shiver like thirsty stems revived
I have taken on the impossible, in walking this path of praise
Like trying to bring the Sun through the pen’s tip
O beloved questioner, listen here:
What can I say to you; his beautyﷺ has made me a poet
What can the thirsty man in the barren desert pray for
Except for even a sip of water to survive
This is the likeness of the lovers with Muhammadﷺ
For surely it is only water that does quench
What can I say to you; his beautyﷺ has made me a poet
I speak of his beautyﷺ, these words are flames, they speak of the Sun
Warm yourself in this beauty and open your eyes to the path
The flame illuminates the room and you see the door
Step outside to take in the embrace of the Sun
What can I say to you; his beautyﷺ has made me a poet

– Lounès


Quenched by the Light of His Faceﷺ

The Beloved Muhammadﷺ is like the full moon
But one that neither eclipses nor it does wane
And with a light brighter than the sun at high noon
Whose quenching touch is gentler than summer rain

My heart guards my eyes in a jealous embrace
They shed tears for no other than himﷺ and his Lord
And when dry, they are quenched by the Light of his faceﷺ
Invocations of blessings, the peace is restored

Were the scent of Ahmadﷺ to descend upon a place
Its dwellers would spin in a frantic search of wonder
Thinking they must have stumbled upon Heaven’s gates
So, seeker, clear is your path on your journey yonder

O Allah, as a prayer through which you remove every pain
Convey from us Your utmost peace and blessings upon
Muhammadﷺ, and ‘Ali, Fatimah, Hassan and Husayn
And multiply it till our every trace of heedlessness is gone

– Lounès


The Face of Ahmad ﷺ

The face of Ahmadﷺ
Like the full Moon enrobed in a pure silk cloth
Light flowing as though flooding from his blessed pores ﷺ
His blessed eyes ﷺ
Darkened as by Kohl, shadowed like the Moon’s crevices ﷺ
Those lips sweetened by the Divine Revelation ﷺ
His utterance of it a mellow articulation of sincerity ﷺ
Not artificial, not disguised
Plain and natural as the bee delivering its honey ﷺ
Melodious and pure, enrapturing who hears it ﷺ
Lustrating the heart of every listener ﷺ
Decorating it with deep tranquility and beauty ﷺ
O the generosity and care-taking of that Prophet ﷺ
Were the shame of a sinner and transgressor
From his Umma ﷺ to surface for all to see
He would shelter it under his own blessed cloak ﷺ
O the beauty of that Prophet and O the humility ﷺ
Were he to sit ﷺ amongst the destitute and outcast
You could not tell him apart due to his bashfulness ﷺ
O how we long for the Light of Ahmad to adorn us ﷺ
That we may reach our Lord with manners
That we may love through Allah and for Allah
That we may give only to please Him
O Allah – Your Generosity is unfathomable
And You have showered me with blessings over and over
What have I but You?
Convey Your peace and blessings upon
The Moon of our hearts ﷺ
The Light of our nights ﷺ
And upon his family and companions ﷺ
By the measure of Your Favors upon us

– Lounès

Nourished by His Light ﷺ


O stars,
Look upon Muhammadﷺ
And nourish yourselves
With this Light!

Come here, O Self, let me whisper into your ear:
No, do not thank me with vain flattery
Thank me instead by emulating him
And by singing to me his name
Openly in plain daylight
And in the throes of the night!

My heart has been captured
By a drink of rapture
Swinging between tears and laughter
O Soul, Muhammad is who we’re afterﷺ!

What sweet bliss, a nectar from the finest flowers
Has been churned in this heart to make an inebriating honey
Intoxicated at the the tongue’s touch of it
Yet I drank the whole of it in one go.

This love entered into my heart
And its world was flipped altogether
I saw the dunya below my feet
And I told it, stay there, for you are worth no more
I stamped my foot for good measure
Then I spun back to invocations upon Muhammadﷺ
For what cure have I except more drinking
O love, chain this lower world down
So we can keep sipping from this moon
I once heard it was the Sun that fed it light
And since then my lips never moved from the cup.

– Lounès


Muhammad’s Flag ﷺ

Upon affliction, I raise the flag of my Prophet ever higherﷺ
For he is the Way out of every trial and tribulationﷺ
You are not doing any favor to your Religion by raising their flags
You are, in your limited comprehension of his Oceans of Mercyﷺ
Failing to represent him and the message he was sent withﷺ
And instead making public your faulty understanding of this Religion
We are with Muhammadﷺ and he is with the Truthﷺ
And heﷺ is with the oppressed, and tireless against injustice
So tell me, what other flag do we need? What other flag do we need?
O true colors, o true colors, how you never fail to rise
How you never fail to rise, not less than the Sun nor the Moon
The acumen of light cannot fathom putting out fire with fire
No, we put out the fires of falsehood with those sweet waters
The waters of Divine Revelation and Celestial Mercy
That came to us from the Lord of the Heavens and Earth
Through the Pure Vessel of Resplendant Illuminationﷺ
Our Way is Islam and we are pleased with it
Whether it tires the disbelievers and the imposters
Our Way is that of Muhammadﷺ regardless of the ignorant
Despite their attempts to taint this beautiful Divine Message
Nay, darkness merely disappears in the presence of Light
So when they plot their plots, we turn to Muhammadﷺ
And by the Everlasting Mercy that he came with
We join hands, join hearts and join Souls
And we, together, raise HIS flag ever higherﷺ
And we, together, raise HIS flag ever higherﷺ
And we, together, raise HIS flag ever higherﷺ

– Lounès

His Light Upon My Brow ﷺ

Were the gaze of Muhammad ﷺ to reach me
I would, with the light upon my brow,
Boast before the brightest stars in the skies
“O Stars, make way, be not shameless!”
For his sake and not for the receiver
For no cheek is met by this mercy
But it is crowned as a manifest king
In the Heavens and in the lands
Amongst Mankind and Jinn
Amongst the animals and plants
Amongst the mountains and seas
Worldly kings are compelled
To lower their necks in reverence
Before he who is cradled in the sphere
Of Muhammad’s Gazeﷺ
In reality, no one is truly praised
Except for Muhammadﷺ
For he is the Spring of Praiseworthy Traits
And the Light in every good deed and word
The Guiding Light, in this very moment amongst us!
Like Waters of Alchemy
Your portion is proportionate to your aspiration
Drink, then drink some more!
More, O lover, this River dries not!
O Muhammadan Lightsﷺ–
Do keep gushing to our hearts
And do keep transforming our lives
And do keep bringing us love of Allah
And do keep opening the way to the Heavens
O Allah – convey your peace and blessings
Upon Your Most Beloved Prophetﷺ
A prayer that opens our destiny
To the reception of his merciful Gazeﷺ


Your Smile Is My Paradise ﷺ

O Muhammadﷺ – your smile is my paradise
For it I would trade this world and what is in it
By your merciful gaze the Souls are raised
Up to the Presence of the Lord Almighty

O Muhammad ﷺ – your smile is my paradise
By Allah were your smile to manifest upon me
I would proclaim to the world victory
In this life and the Next, O my heart’s light

O Muhammad ﷺ – your smile is my paradise
Were my being to be engulfed in that aura
Of healing lights pouring from your heart
Transforming every crevice of my Soul

O Muhammadﷺ – your smile is my paradise
Deprive me not from an answer to my plea
O my merciful master, may Allah’s copious blessings
Be upon you, your companions and your sanctified family